homemade butter

Not that there’s really anything inherently wrong with the butter you might find on your grocers shelves, but sometimes homemade just tastes better.

2 cups of heavy whipping cream or double cream*
1 cup of ice cold water

tip: *when shopping for the cream, its best to opt for those varieties without carrageen or other stabilizers. Also, where possible, select “vat pasteurized cream” as opposed to ultra heat treated (UHT) or HTST pasteurized varieties. Also, where possible, start with cream that is at a temperature of about 60 degrees.


Dig out your food processor and select either the plastic blade or regular chopping blade. Fill food processor about ½ full with cream and blend at medium speed. As you blend, you will notice that the cream transitions from sloshy to frothy to whipped cream to a very stiff whipped cream. Keep blending until the mixture “seizes” and the whirring you previously enjoyed will now go back to sloshing. DO NOT PANIC – this is just a sign of the butter (the yellow bit that surfaces) is separating from the buttermilk (the rest of the fluid). Drain out the buttermilk, then add some of the ice cold water, blend further, and discard the excess. Repeat until the water comes away clear (a process known as washing the butter). Place butter in a large jar and shake to remove any excess water. Store in butter dish or in rolls of wax paper.   Should yield approximately one cup of butter.



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