yogurt…something so simple yet so delicious. Until the manufacturers got hold of it and started adding all kinds of additives and heck, even throwing fruit on the bottom!  Here’s a recipe for a yogurt you can be proud of!

1 quart of milk
Starter Culture

A starter culture is basically any compound that already has live active cultures in it. You can purchase dry cultures at your local health store, but they do tend to be on the expensive side. A cheaper – and easier – alternative is to simply obtain a starter culture from plain yogurt purchased at a grocery store. However, when doing this, be sure to select a brand of plain yogurt that clearly indicates on its label that it contains live active cultures or else this will not work. To maintain the culture, store the yogurt – about ¼ cup is all you need for this recipe – in an airtight container in your fridge.


To make, pour the milk into a small sauce pan and, using a cooking thermometer, heat the mixture of 180 degrees F. Then let cool to 105 degrees. Stir in the yogurt and pour into a glass jar. Cap the jar and place in a pan of 105 -112 degree water. Allow the yogurt to “incubate” for between 5 – 6 hours, adding hot water every now and again so as to maintain a consistent water temperature. Once the yogurt is able to retain the impression of a spoon pressed into its surface, remove from the heat and store in a refrigerator for up to 1 week. If it doesn’t thicken up, it may be due to too many heat fluctuations, but don’t panic, it can still be saved! Try adding just half a teaspoon of unflavored gelatin disolved in a small amount of water. If plain yogurt isn’t your thing, consider adding these healthy – and sugar free – flavorings: Vanilla extract, almond extract, or coffee flavoring.



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