Amazing Coconut Chicken

I know I have coconut chicken recipe on my blog already.  But this one is slightly different.  I love the fact that in here I used tenderloin which made the chicken melt in your mouth. And shredded coconut flakes gives that nice flavor to it.  I do need to work on the dip for this recipe though.  Any ideas please let me know. Enjoy!)


1 pound of chicken breast cut into strips (tenderloin)

2 eggs

coconut flour

dried unsweetened coconut flakes

coconut oil

sea salt



1.  Season chicken tenderloins pieces with salt and pepper.

2.  Dunk chicken in slightly beaten egg and then dredge in coconut flour.

3.  Dunk chicken in egg again and then roll in coconut flakes

4.  Cook in coconut oil on stove top until brown and cooked through.

recipe from Melinda Gunther


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