How I Lost 40 Pounds and Regained My Health [Part 1]

My new Paleo/Primal friend Rosemary sharing her great story how switching to Paleo lifestyle really transformed how she felt and how she looks! Read on and share!

A Teaspoon of Rosemary

I am now blogging at my new self-hosted site, A Teaspoon of Rosemary! Pop over there to find paleo and autoimmune-friendly recipes, nutrition tips, and information on all things ancestral health.

Before and After

I am really excited to write this post, and I have been wanting to do it for a long time. But before I start, I want to say that I am writing my ‘paleo success story’ not because I want you to be impressed of the before and after pictures, or that you will think highly of me, but because I want people to understand that eating real food works. It is what your body needs. And many so-called ‘incurable’ health issues can be reversed or eliminated completely just through the food that you eat.

In high school, I was average-sized. I was relatively active with musical theater productions that kept me mostly in shape. My diet…

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