Hi there! I would like to share my food buys with you that I enjoy to save you time looking for something new to try and give you an idea what to try at your local Trader Joe’s or Costco.  That’s where I mostly shop.  I’m sorry if you don’t have those two stores near you.


1. Organic Uncured Grass-Fed Beef Hot Dogs from Costco.  We love them!

Grass Fed Hot Dogs From Costco

2.  Dried Berries and Dried Bananas from Costco are so delicious!


3.  Dried Mangoes from Costco are my favorite!


4. Grass fed butter from Costco that’s where I usually buy my butters!480427_498424103539384_1937310989_n

5.  Love this cheese! We buy it from Costco Reserve Cheddar Grass Fed Cheese imported from Ireland.

cheddar grassfed cheese

6.  Coconut oil lately I buy from Costco.


7.  Russ and I really enjoy this Organic coffee from Costco.


8.  I love this ghee! You can find it either at Sprouts, Whole Foods or most likely at your local organic store.

9.  I know these packages are made for babies. But these are so good veggies/fruit on the go!  Like for road trips or long flights or hiking when you in the hurry.


10.  My husbands favorite raisins mix from Trader Joe’s.


11.  My old time favorite green olives from Trader Joe’s.  No junk, fillers.  Love them!


12.  I love the flavor and texture of vacuum fried banana chips from Trader Joe’s.


13.  These vacuum fried pineapple chips are so gooooood!)


14.  I buy these Dark Chocolate Honey Mints from Trader Joe’s once in a while. My favorite!


15.  I sure use a lot of this Organic No-Salt Seasoning in a lot of my dishes. Bought it at Costco.


16.  My favorite mineral water is Perrier!  You can buy it pretty much at any food store.


17.  This Coconut Water with pulp is so tasty!  They sell them almost at any Whole Foods, Natural Food stores.


18.  I use this coconut aminos instead of soy sauce.  You can buy it at whole foods, sprouts or on amazon.




19.  So far my favorite coconut flakes brand “Lets Do Organic”.  I bought it at my local BelAir. I’m sure you can find it at your local Sprouts or Natural Food store or amazon.





5 thoughts on “FAVORITE FOOD BUYS

  1. Sara here, Nutrition Ambassador for Chosen Foods, the San Diego based health food company. I just wanted to say that I love your blog and really enjoyed reading through some of your real food & paleo recipes. Seeing as you create so many amazing healthy recipes, I’d love to have Chosen Foods send some product your way for you to incorporate in some of your recipes.
    In case you are hearing their name for the first time, Chosen Foods is the world’s largest producer of Avocado Oil. You can find their avocado oil, chia seeds and other products in Costco, Whole Foods, Von’s, Safeway and many other stores. You can learn more about them here, http://chosen-foods.com/ and connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
    Chosen Foods is launching some exciting new products over the next few months, and I wanted to reach out to ask if you’d like to be among the first to review/feature some of some of these new products on your blog.
    Really looking forward to hearing from you! ambassador@chosenfoods.com

    Best, Sara

    • Hello Sara,
      I’m so glad you enjoy my recupes and my blog posts! Thank you for your feedback I appreciate it.
      And yes please send it your products my way. I would like to try them out.

      In case you need my mailing address here it is.

      Marina T.
      5745 Poker Lane
      Antelope, ca 95843

      If you have more questions please do email me at: Marina2002@gmail.com

      Thanks again,

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